My name is OtmoorYellow! Why OtmoorYellow? Because I grew up in the beautiful area of north Oxfordshire called Otmoor, and I am a lifelong supporter of Oxford United, the mighty yellows!

As a programme collector, I know full well how few resources there are available to help to identify what to collect. In 1998, I came up with the idea of creating a database of all known Oxford United programmes, so I could document what I already own and what I still needed to find. That concept has since expanded into Headington United, as well as fanzines, books, magazines, collectable cards, first day covers and several other categories of memorabilia.

Little did I know when I first began researching Oxford United and Headington United programmes, how much work would be involved in identifying the programmes were known to exist. It has been a labour of love and continues to be so as updates to the database are ongoing. Fortunately for me, my programme collecting has led me to meet several other serious collectors of Oxford United programmes, and we have collaborated to good effect resulting in information to build the database from literally around the globe, not just in Oxfordshire!

Special mentions have to go to Phil Malcolm and Richard Brown, without whom large sections of the database would still be unknown and their help has been invaluable. Contributions have also been received from Jeremy Stoyle, Anthony Warne, Phil Tanner and several other collectors, all of whom have been long term supporters of Oxford United. I also have to mention club historian and programme editor Martin Brodetsky for his excellent book Oxford United: The Complete Record, which has been a fabulous resource for researching, checking and cross checking facts.

Needless to say, if you know of any amendments to the database, please let me know using the Contact Us form.

Please enjoy the site, buy programmes from my For Sale list, and let me know of any available programmes on my Wanted list.

Come on you Yellows!