It’s been a long time coming, but the database has now been updated to the latest version, with all known additions, corrections and deletions.

We have been putting in a lot of hours of research to arrive at the latest version.

You will see that we have begun to add in matches and programmes for Reserves, ‘A’ team, U23 and U18. Youth team games are included as U18. Many people have requested this expansion, and with the huge growth in sale of these programmes, it could no longer be avoided, but there remains much work to do.

Other changes see the inclusion for the first time of Fixture Cards. With the unearthing of the fixture card for the 1924/25 season, and with many collecting these wonderful items of memorabilia, inclusion was a must.

There has been a large expansion of the collectible cards and stickers section, which after much research, has identified these going back much further than previously believed, and with many more collections being identified.

Any help is much appreciated and in that regard, special thanks go to collaborator in chief Phil Malcolm without whose help MemorOx would not exist. We should also like to thank Richard Brown, Phil Tanner and Jeremy Stoyle for their ongoing assistance.

Click the link below for details of the most significant changes in this update: