So how to the MemorOx elves decide the likelihood of a programme existing?

Firstly, if someone owns a particular programme, or knows someone else who does, then that is easy to categorise.

Where someone claims to have seen a programme, but doesn’t know an owner, then to maintain the integrity of the database, we expect to be provided with evidence, otherwise we could easily be chasing non-existent programmes

We also take into account the existence, or otherwise, of programmes for equivalent matches in the same season.

A lot of historical research is undertaken to determine whether matches have actually taken place, and to identify reasons for any postponements. Research is done online to find images of memorabilia, and programmes, handbooks and periodicals are read for clues.

Whilst the earliest known home programme is dated in 1935, the unearthing recently of a fixture card that pre-dates this by more than a decade, would suggest that interest in the club had been sufficient to produce what are essentially (known in the modern day as) marketing tools. On top of this, the format of the 1935 programme suggests it was not a new thing.

At MemorOx, we have no doubt that earlier programmes were produced than 1935, the question is whether they still exist today.